Wedding photography is unique among professional photography assignments as it does not offer the opportunity to redo - you need a perfect result without exception.

Wedding photography is very demanding and requires an experienced photographer to ensure memorable results.

You need to trust and build a strong relationship with your wedding photographer to ensure that you receive the best possible results. The final results will not depend on your photographer only, but on the relationship between your photographer and you.

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We believe that your choice in wedding photographers is one of the most important planning decisions that you will make.  The images that are captured by that one person become your memories and will long outlast just about everything from your special day.  Your photographer's professionalism, artistic vision and personality can all greatly enhance the experience of your wedding day.

All of our packages include signature coverage by one or two senior photographers which ensures thatt every moment of your day is captured and cherished forever.  Our day typically begins with the groom's preparations - sometimes the guys play golf or have a barbecue - we get some relaxed shots as the guys talk about the day ahead.  We then move on to the brides preparations and then to the ceremony.  Afterwards we photograph family and friends and visit as many locations as time permits.  Our day ends with a mock cake cutting at your reception.



It's all in the detail!!  Even the smallest elements of the wedding combine to complete the look and feel of your special day.  We make sure we capture all of the design elements you worked so hard to perfect so that when you look through your photos you can relive every aspect and moment of the day.



The digital revolution has given us new tools to capture moments in time with greater ease and flexibility.  This allows us to focus beyond the posed moment and capture its very essence and feeling.  We are constant observers, searching out the soft light, the warm expressions and the candid spontaneous moments that make your day completely unique.



What's our style?
Traditional? Photojournalistic? Fashion-oriented?
We don't shoot to any one style.  Some weddings are better with a 'hands-off' approach, some 'hands-on' - most need a blending of the two.  Part of our job is to recognise when to just observe and when to help.  But even when we help, we want the images to look natural and unposed.  That's our style.